Physics is an attempt by mankind to find definite solutions to nature’s puzzles with the help of Mathematics. It is assumed that its a science of non living things but the invisible natural forces (e.g. Magnetism, Gravitation…) which do change from place to place & time to time! Why do they change? And who is asking them to change? Do non living things have tendency of showing variance?

Every human has inborn quest to defy force of gravity in whichever endeavor, individual enjoys. The desired force and direction to escape from gravity varies from person to person.

Physics without Mathematics means bird without wings.

Student become confident when he/she acquires skill of harnessing Applied Physics with Applied Mathematics @Sigma Coaching.

3 thoughts on “Physics

  1. Atharva,
    As you said, you like maths & know Kepler’s Law also. Then one must be curious about Super Mathematician who set the planets in elliptical orbits; when Solar System was in nascent stage!
    Let your quest for mathematics may solve mysteries of Super Mathematician.

    1. Maths is mother of all sciences!! Newtons law also uses maths so do laws of kepler . The placing of planets and the gravitation between it the mysteries of space can be found with the newtons 1st law of motion v=u+at is the most simple law I have ever seen.And thank you sir for replying me 🙂

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