Early Bird Catches The Worm.

It is the most necessary thing one should inculcate to start early for achieving higher success rate in any field. It is vague to say one should start early; unless it has some definite time bound Target, Goal, Destination.

How much early, one should start?

The answer simply depends upon the set Target, individual’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses and willingness to acknowledge & overcome it. Hence time factor is a variable thing from person to person. Very few children realize their weakness in early stage and try to overcome it.

Procrastination is the first hurdle in the marathon of life. Children should identify and stay away from the trap. Parents and teachers should help them in this respect. The best way to do it by punctuality, self discipline. Sigma Coaching, endeavors to help individual student on various intangible forces to overcome hurdles of life.

2 thoughts on “Destinations

  1. Like you say “Early Bird Catches The Worm” my target in life is to achieve something big that no one has never done.I think so we must take advantage of the chances given by our life.We must “Make Hay While The Sun Shines” like you give us knowledge I must set my mind at that moment at that stage if just I didnt listen or didnt try to receieve it i will not shine. As I have said, I coudnt make the hay while the sun shined.Thank you sir for what you did till now. Thank you :).

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