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International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)


The International Junior Science Olympiad (or just IJSO) is an international science competition for students not older than 15 years old. It was first held in 2004 in Jakarta and Indonesia. IJSO is held every year since then. Each country may send a team of up to 6 students and 3 team leaders. Some of the participating countries may send an extra team, or better known as a guest team. It is one of the international science olympiads.


The examinations consist of three separated tests, done in different days. The tests require knowledge about science of physics, chemistry and biology. The maximum score is 100 points.


The test examination is composed of 30 multiple choice questions, 10 involving physics, 10 involving chemistry and 10 involving biology. Each of the questions has 4 alternatives. The competitor earns 1 point for each right answer, earns nothing for questions left unanswered and loses 0.25 for wrong answers. The maximum score for this test is 30 points.


The theoretical examination is made up of three parts, one for each of the subjects. Each part contains several questions about one or more topics from the respective science. The maximum score for this test is 30.


The experimental examination is done in groups of up to three people of the same country, each country may have up to 2 teams. The groups should follow the instructions and answer the proposed questions. All students of the group receive the same grade. The maximum score for this test is 40 points.


After the correction of the tests, the students are ranked according to their grades. Then the top 10% students receive gold medals, the following 20% receive silver medals and the next 30% receive bronze medals.

Also, team prizes are offered to the best results at the experimental examination and the best country in the tournament. Individual prizes are offered to the best student in the theoretical examination and to the best overall. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is responsible for giving official participation certificates to all students, leaders and observers.